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Here you can buy 3D-Coat 2 version and use all its functions inaccessible in the demo. This will also enable you to download all 3D-Coat 2.xx versions updates without extra costs. Once accomplished, the sales are final. We are unable to provide refunds for any reason.

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The recommended program activation procedure:
- download and install the demo version of 3D-Coat
- get Hardware Code at the start of the program. Attention: the program will be activated only for one computer where the Hardware Code was obtained
- choose the version to purchase and render the payment accordingly. Make sure you fill all the payment forms carefully
- The Serial Number will be sent to your e-mail within 24 hours

A Serial Number is bound to a single computer, but if you have a second PC or if you replace your PC, we can create extra Serial Number at no extra cost (as long as it's for the same user).

If you reside in one of the ex-USSR countries, please go to this page.

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