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At the present Andrew Shpagin is chief programmer and director of the project 3D Brush. He gained experience in making game development tools working at game projects in the company GSC Game World, where he was a chief programmer of strategy department. Andrew has made 9 projects. Many of them are well-known and popular not only in CIS, but also in Europe, USA and Japan.

First development is historic game "Cossacks: European Wars" , which became the basis to move forward. The latest 2D-technologies were used for the project, and for that time pictures were considered to be very good. Releaser for Russia and CIS is Russobit-M. At the West the product was released bu the biggest releaser. The common circulation of the game is over 3,500,000 of copies.

Official web-page of "Cossacks: European Wars":

Afterwards two add-ons to original "Cossacks" were released.
The first - "Cossacks: Art of War", was released in 2001. The second add-on - "Cossacks: Back to War", released in 2002.

Then the next project, based on "Cossacks" was made. But it was a completely different game about conquering American Continent by Europeans in 16th century.

Official web-page is “American Conquest”:

Then the add-on to the game was created which was called American Conquest: Fight Back. American Conquest together with its addition was sold over 500,000 of copies.

Then together with they started working on a development of the game "Alexander" named after the movie. It had to be released along with the movie in November. For the first time the elements of 3D-graphic was used. Over 350,000 copies were sold.

Official web-page "Alexander":

Along with “Alexander” the continuation of the first game "Cossacks"
was being made under the name "Cossacks 2: Napoleonic Wars". It was a history war-game.

Official web-page "Cossacks 2":

The a new add-on to the game was released in June 2006 under the name "Cossacks 2: Battle for Europe".

Heroes Of Annihilation Empires is a big project which is being worked at for a long time after "Cossacks 2". The whole team along with Andrew Shpagin are working at this game. We combined 2D and 3D technologies and got the clear picture and opportunity of rotating and moving the camera near like in 3D-games. For this project serious mathematic tasks were solved such as bull operations with mashes and renewing an 3D-object according to the set of projections.

Official web-page "Heroes Of Annihilation Empires":

Now we work apart from, independently designing 3D-brush, and game project "The Pilgrim's Progress" base on the book by John Bunyan of the same name where 3D-brush is used for detailing of characters.

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Screen Game Cossaks

Screen Game Cossaks2


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