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Juan Carlos Montes (3D artist)

Thanks to you for bring us this great and easy to use aplication, I fall in love with this tool at the first try am happy with the product and be one of the first users. I know this Program is going to be more an more popular.
Congratulations to all the team.


Michael Green (Artist from Team17)

(post taken from NewTek forum)

On Zbrush and 3D-Brush and Body Paint. I own ZB and 3dB, having bought 2 copies of 3D-Brush yesterday on the strength of using the demo in a few hours. To me, 3d is the best of both worlds. It isn't as fast as zbrush, but it's fast enough to be usable. It's also usable enough that anyone trying it can get to grips with it in a couple of hours.

It also allows me to paint variable spec, displacement/bump, colour and transparency maps at the same time, in a simpler more efficient way than when I last tried body paint.

It has full layer support, which I was disappointed by in ZB, because ZB3 only delivered displacement layers, not colour layers (which I thought was an obvious move when adding layers), and in BP3d because the layer system was so fiddly to work with. When you add a layer in 3dB, you get colour+disp+spec with each layer, not individual layers for each channel like you did in BP3d when I last used it. This means when you turn off a measles layer for example, you turn off bump+colour+spec, which is more intuitive than BP3d.

You can export varying levels of subdivision, and normal/displacement maps for that level of subd. You can do text, which is wrapped around curves, as well as patterns following the brush/curves so bullet belts and things like that are a snap.

It has X,Y and Z symmetry, a free form deformation system like Zbrush's transpose function, as well as soft modification tools.

Really, the feature list is phenomenal, and for $70, anyone who does this kind of work and doesn't have BP3d or ZB should pick it up. And those that do have one of them, should think about it too, because it's remarkably well implemented. The programmer is very approachable about features and he's already fixed bugs I've sent him.

Really, try the demo.


Marc Wakefield (3D artist)

I am very, very impressed with this program so far. It does everything I wished Hexagon could do. I will mainly be using 3D Brush for texuring and normal mapping 3D models for use in games and I have never seen anything as intuative, easy and quick to use. I will be recommending this program to everyone I come into contact with. Well done and thank you Vladimir and Andrew for helping me out with my payment queries.


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