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3D-Coat 2.09 released!

17.05.08 - Theme: release of 3D-Coat 2.09

Please visit our new site 3D-Coat - Texturing of 3D Model to see list of changes.

3D-Coat 2.08 released!

1.04.08 - Theme: release of 3D-Coat 2.08

Please visit our new site 3D-Coat - Texturing of 3D Model to see list of changes.

3D-Brush renamed to 3D-Coat. 3D-Coat 2.07 released!

Here comes the first news: 3D-Bush has got new name - 3D-Coat. We decided to go for a more distinctive and unique name of the program, while preserving the descriptive nature in its title. Coat means "to cover something with a layer of a particular substance" so it well fits what 3D-Brush does. The short name is therefore 3DC.
Another good news is that 3D-Coat v.2.07 is now released! Of cause, all users who have purchased 3D-Brush will get 3D-Coat without any additional payment and without the serial number change.
2.07 has been a very big chunk of work accomplished.
Please visit our new site 3D-Coat - Texturing of 3D Model to see list of changes.

3D-Brush v.2.06 now out!

12.02.08 - Theme: release of 3D-Brush 2.06

The list of features:

1) Preview in fill tool. The new realtime preview in fill tool.

2) Fill the material of objec. Now you can fill the material of object with the fill pattern.

3) Fill the sub-object. You can fill the sub-object with the fill pattern.

4) Gradient filling. You can use gradient filling in fill tool in much more intuitive way.

5) Cavity painting mode.

6) Hew/saturation/lightness dialog now works with preview, the action can be limited by object/material

7) Grids and snap to grid.

8) Environment mapping. The model could be viewed with environment mapping

9) Curves tool. The spacing in curves tool has become more correct, so that points are placed uniformly over the closed curve:

10) New arrows. Several new arrows types in curve tool:

11) Manual updated.

12) Many minor bugs fixed.

Visit topic on forum for details.

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3D-Brush v.2.05 now out!

05.02.08 - Theme: release of 3D-Brush 2.05

General changes:

1) Adaptive geometry: now geometry will be additionaly automatically subdivided during edit process in dependence of details to get a well displaced surface. It is an innovative and algoritmically very complex feature.

2) You can import big meshes now, of up to 700K. Many optimisatons were done to make it possible.

3) Initial subdivision.You can alter level of initial subdivision during mesh import. Now you can specify mid-poly mesh resolution.

4) New measure tool, New measure tool integrated. You can measure distance in most common units - meters, inches, yards, miles, etc. Also the coordinate of picked point is printed in the right bottom corner.

5) Custom material mapping. New method of custom material mapping in custom fill pattern - mapping over existing uv-set. It allows painting clothes in an easier way.

6) Masks are implemented. The mask is modulator for pen depth and transparency. The mask and materials could be moved and rotated independently using new navigation controls.

7) Masks and materials could be rotated discretely on 45 degrees using SHIFT.

8) Many stability improvements.

9) New interface style. Interface looks clearer and sharper now.

10) jpg export corrected now.

Curves changes:

11) Square forms. Some curve points could be marked as sharp. So you can make square forms easily.

12) Whole curve could be moved/scaled/rotated using new navigation controls.

13) Curve can be closed.

13) Arrows. You can draw arrows in easy way.

14) New curve drawing mode - spacing mode. Points will be set along curve with some spacing and jittering. It allows making new effects with curves.

15) Curves will be drawn correctly, even if knot points are far from each other and surface between them is curved much.

Layers changes:

16) Layers masking (linking) is implemented. One layer can mask another one in non-destructive way.

17) Freeze.You can freeze the transparent or painted area of a layer. In this way you can use layer's transparency to paint selectively on other layers. It works similar to CTRL+click on layer in Photoshop. You can use CTRL+click on layer in 3DB now.

Welcome to the downloads section.

Visit topic on forum for details.

3D-Brush 2.04 has been released!

22.01.08 - Theme: release of 3D-Brush 2.04

The list of new features:

1) Texture baking tool - possibility to project current mesh on another one with completely different topology and get textures of normals, color and specular.

2) Importing normalmap. It does not displace geometry, but creates a new layer with corresponding blending. It allows you to add details on an already existing normalmap.

3) Smooth stroke - allows you to make smooth and accurate strokes.

4) Camera/materials shortcuts.

5) Lock absolute depth. Possibility to lock absolute depth independently on radius using lock icon in top panel

6) Lock screen radius of the pen. Possibility to lock screen radius of the pen.

7) Redo. Redo is implemented

8) Layers menu. Layers menu is reorganised, it is much more convenient now

9) Undo. Undo now works for merge up/down, merge visible, delete layer

10) Presets window. Presets window works well with folders, it switches pen/strip/material folder if needed.

11) Filter for drawing. Additional filter for drawing - pen pressure can depend on layer displacement.

12) Filters. Several filters - smooth/sharpen layer, adjust hew/saturation/lightness of the layer.

13) New user manual. New user manual, pdf and chm formats

14) Add entire folder with pens

15) Navigation with pen. Navigation with pen is improved, you can pen using LMB+RMB

3D-Brush 2.03 has been released!

25.12.07 - Theme: release of 3D-Brush 2.03

The list of new features:

1) 3D-Brush now supports 3D-Mouse! This device could be used not only to navigate, but also to vary radius/ depth/ opacity/ rotation/ focal shift/ specular.

2) FBX import was done. It is important because it stores properly the smoothing groups.

3) Draw with multiple random pens - use CTRL to select several pens.

4) Presets window. The new important feature - presets window. You can store there full state of pen shape/ radius/ depth/ strip shape/ material/ filler/ color/ smooth and restore that settings any time by one click. It can speed up work much.

5) Export low-poly meshes with original positions of vertices. It is mostly important for users who use Auto-mapping.

6) Pen sensitivity slider in options.

7) The new navigation bar is implemented, it can be useful for those peoples who use pen.

8) New user manual!

9) Stability improvements.

10) New pens. Several new pens.

3D-Brush 2.02 has been released!

11.12.07 - Theme: release of 3D-Brush 2.02

The list of changes (in comparison with 2.01):

1) Unwrapping tool. New unwrapping tool, now it is very easy to create uv-set for the model.

2) Topological symmetry is implemented. You should define two symmetrical faces to define this symmetry. After that you can flip layers with symmetry or copy the layer to the opposite side.

3) LWO files can be used like brushes.

4) 5 types of color pickers are implemented - all of them are movable and resizable.

5) Stability improvements, many bug fixes.

6) Focal shift slider implemented.

7) Flipping sliders on top panel (Focal depth & smooth degree are also there now).

8) Storing last folders.

9) Custom fill patterns. Now you can make your own custom fill patterns in Fill tool. They will be applied with cube mapping with soft edges. It allows to make seamless cube mapping.

10) Cube mapping improved (in materials menu): preview during texture moving is now very convinient, cube mapping becomes seamless.

11) Clone tool and Sculpt tool now uses alpha even if it is not round.

12) Window position. 3DB stores window position.

13) Drawing performance improved.

14) Hue variation is add to color change tool.

15) Picking top layer. You can pick top layer by pressing 'H'.

16) Navigation with pen improved (it was difficult to navigate with pen).

We are glad to inform you that 3D-Brush 2.01 has been released!

06.11.07 - Theme: release of 3D-Brush 2.01

The list of changes (in comparison with 2.00):

1) Adaptive subdivision. A very important change - now every poly is subdivided individually in dependence of its proportions. It solves the problem of long polys. Usually in all sculpting programs edges are divided in two parts, so it is difficult to deal with long polys. As opposed to this common approach 3D-Brush now subdivides the polys in any proportion - for example 7:234.

2) LWO import/export integrated. You can import/export objects with several textures and layers. The nodes structure will be preserved during the import/export. While doing the LWO export 3D-Brush creates the corresponding nodes structure for normal mapping, so as to make the object ready to rendering straight after export.

3) Offset tool has been implemented. It allows you to edit tiled textures and draw bump and specular over it. To use this tool you should load object plane1x1.obj.

4) Navigation icons got implemented.

5) Light source adjusting. Now you can adjust light source properties in a very easy way. You can change light source position and brightness.

6) Hints system.The hints system has been improved - now you will see hints everywhere, on almost every button. This makes the program much more user-friendly and easy-to-use.

7) Less quality of shaders option. There is a new option "less quality of shaders" available. It will allow to increasing the 3D-Brush performance on lower-end computers.

8) Loading without smoothing. The loading without smoothing is improved, now it allows editing non-organic models without distortion. You will get the correct normalmap and displacement at output.

9) Auto-mapping is totally rewritten, now it is more correct and faster.

10) New pen option. A new pen option - spacing has been implemented. It will help in painting different tracks.

11) Hide tool. In the hide tool you can hide/show the closed object with doubleclick now.

12) "Pressure on colour dependence". The "Pressure on colour dependence" option is now in top panel. It is convenient because if you change this option and then forget it, you will not understand why the pen stopped painting.

13) Program performance. Many bugs and inconveniences got fixed, the program performance and stability have been improved.

14) Autosaving your work in case when program feels instability function got implemented.

15) Backfacing while painting got improved, some bugs with backfacing have been fixed.

Thank to all our customers for the support! 80 peoples have purchased 3D-Brush during the discount period (10 peoples have bought it today). We are thankful to all of you! Your support allows us to continue the hard work on many great improvements. Expect 3D-Brush to grow in functionality every month.

Also we decided to increase the product price slowly. So we have not reverted to the initial price declared ($210). Until the end of November the price will remain on the level of $85.

3D-Brush 2.00 is now available for download and purchase

19.09.07 - Theme: release

Key features of 3D-Brush:
1) At input you provide an OBJ file of 1-100 thousand polygons, preferrably with UV-mapping in place, at output you get either an object of 1-10 million polygons or textures of normals, displacement, color, transparency and specular. Maximal texture size is 4096 per 4096. Fully seamless texturing provided!
2) Possibility to draw relief detailing, color, specular and transparency on model's surface.
3) All you previously did in 2D now can be done in 3D editing with layers, cloning surface areas, image transforming on surface, Copy/Paste, filling sealed areas, gradient filling, filling area inside contour, darkening, lightening, smoothening, sharping and so on.
4) Small geometry details get automatically added onto normal map, while large ones modify the geometry. As a result, the model of 40 to 80 thousand polygons displayed on screen looks as of 5 to 10 million polygons owing to detailed normal map.
5) Normal map gets instantly formed, so you can view the model in low-polygonal mode and straight away see how it is going to look in your game or scene. This is particularly important for developing games.
6) You can easily add details, applied along a spline, such as chains, bandages, fringe, zipper. Details can be imported as from 3D models, so as from images.
7) Pens you draw with contain plenty of channels - depth, color, specular, eraser mask. This allows to considerably speed up the object detailing as you can both apply relief detailing and draw with color.
8) Although 3D-Brush is more oriented for small detailing, it allows for global object modification, sculpting too. You can easily bend a hand or a finger, enlarge the head, change object proportions or posture.
9) You can fix several points on the object's surface and pull one of them to see the object smoothly deforming. For example, you can easily create a smile or enlarge the object's ear by simply pulling it having fixed the head.
10) You can easily scribe text any way you like, even wrap the text around the object.
11) Closed-up areas can be filled with fractals and materials which contain depth, color and specular. The material can be applied not only from camera, but also with use of cubic mapping.
12) You can transfer details onto the object straight from a photo.
13) You can draw not only with a pen, but also with a contour, square, line linking two dots or a spline curve. This allows drawing not only soft organic forms, but also even, strict 'man-made' forms.
14) Working in 3D-Brush you can edit texture or current projection in the external graphics editor, and this works with layers in place! For example, you can add a layer in Adobe Photoshop and it will get automatically transferred into 3D-Brush.
15) Virtually all can be edited in external 2D editor pens, current selected area, clipboard contents, while preserving channels of depth, color, specular.
16) Exporting textures and 32-bit displacement.
17) Automatic generation of UV coordinates enabled
18) Support of objects with several textures.

September, 19th - release date of 3D - Brush 2.0 - release version

14.09.07 - Theme: release

Price for Commercial version - 210$,
for Basic version - 140$

Features (compare with 1.90):
1) Work with objects with several textures (for example eyes - on one texture, the person - on another, a body - on the third).
2) Export 32-bit (float) displacement.
3) It will be possible to draw translucent details (for example hair, eyelashes) on an object.
4) Work with different external graphic editors, not just with the Photoshop Is supported.
5) You can edit in the external editor the allocated part of a surface, depth, colour and specular.
6) You can insert and transform picture containing in clipboard.
7) Support of groups of smoothing at import of objects.
8) Algorithms of smoothing are improved at import of objects (now - usual Catmull Clark).
9) Compatibility is improved at import OBJ of files
10) The mode of sculpting is completely altered. Now, except of drawing on object it is possible to change proportions or turn parts of object, for example to increase a head or to bend a hand.
11) In the sculpting mode it is possible to drag the "magnets" attached to a surface of object. It is absolutely new type of deformation of object.

3D Brush 1.90 - demo version

23.08.07 - Theme: program

The list of changes:
1) The connector to Photoshop with layers, you can even add new layers in Photoshop. Yo can edit textore or current projection in this way.
2) More intuitive and simple interface
3) Less bugs
4) Less memory consuming
5) Filling areas with fractals
6) Transforming surface parts (like CTRL+T in Photoshop)
7) Clone tool like in Photoshop but in 3D! There are not only cloning with translation but even with mirror, inversion and rotation. You can copy using current symmetry, from one symmetrical part to another.
8) Painting and freezing with rectangle, circle and contour.
9) Drawing text along the curve
10) Saving and loading pens to PSD files with layers (color, transparency, specular, depth, erase mask)
11) Pens for desaturation, sharping, colorizing...
12) Pen for magnification of layer depth

You can find old version download link on forum.

9.08.07 - Theme: gallery

There are new images in gallery!

3D Brush - Texturing of 3D Model

3D Brush 1.843

20.07.07 - Theme: program

The list of changes:
1) Options added (change color, autosave time, ...)
2) Bug reporting system
3) Plane tool improved mutch
4) Mouse wheel can be used to change many parameters

3D Brush - Texturing of 3D Model

3D Brush 1.84

14.07.07 - Theme: program

The list of changes:
1) Connector to Adobe Photoshop
2) Now models uv-set can contain overlaps
3) Interface is absolutely new
4) 3D - models can be used like pens
5) Hide polygons tool
6) Colored pens
7) Polygons count can be dynamically changed
8) Many new pens
9) Use CTRL+SHIFT+C to add colored pens

3D Brush - Texturing of 3D Model

3D Brush 1.81

19.06.07 - Theme: program

The list of changes:
1) Initial loading is now much faster

Adaptive subdivision during the loading is implemented. The adaptive subdivision tries to break every polygon on the set of quadrangles with equal length of side. In most cases it solves the problem of long polygons.

3) Texture preview dialog was essentially improved

3D Brush 1.8 now!

14.06.07 - Theme: program

The list of changes:
1) the maximal texture sizeis enlarged up to


2) maximal mesh resolution is enlarged to

16 millions of polygons

3) textures saving bug was fixed

3D Brush 1.7

31.05.07 - Theme: program

Version 1.7 - now free and without any time limitations!

The list of changes:
1) Smooth inside contour - like filling by "smooth" (in fill mode with SHIFT pressed)
2) It is possible to move and remain pop-up windows on the screen
3) Many bugs fixed in symmetry mode
4) Time limitations was removed

3D Brush 1.6
25.04.07 - Theme: program
3D Brush beta 1.6
Download now!

3D Brush BETA 1.5
25.04.07 - Theme: program
3D Brush beta 1.5

The list of changes
1) changed interface
2) view low-poly model with normalmap it is very important for game developers to look like model will be rendered in game.
3) the stability was improved.

Update - BETA 1.4 release
16.04.07 - Theme: program
3D Brush beta 1.4

The list of changes
1) the additional pen options allows now easily create skin, hairs and bristle.
2) auto UV-mapping can be done now, so even models without uv-mapping can be loaded now
3) the calculation of the global illumination is done, that essentially improves the image quality.
4) the stability was improved.
5) the set of the adjustments raising convenience of work is added.

Update - BETA 1.3!
02.03.07 - Theme: program
Update 3D Brush to beta 1.3

The list of changes
1) essential changes of interface to make it easy-to-use
2) copy/paste parts of surface. You can copy color, depth and luster into a clipboard, edit it with other graphical editor and paste it back on the surface. Symmetrical copying
3) you can make new pen out of elements of the surface
4) import of pens from ABR-files (pens in Photoshop)
5) work with poly-object models (but of the same texture)
6) new regimes of mash viewing were added: with environment map, also with differently shaded models
7) new option preserve transparency was added to layer serring like one in Adobe Photoshop
8) new regime of stroke application, when strokes do not overlay each other, but cross

Update 3D Brush - beta 1.2
12.03.07 - Theme: program
Update 3D Brush to beta 1.2

The list for changes:
1) the interpolation of pen motion was done
2) many bugs where fixed C point artifacts and fat points at the stroke begin.
3) the performance was essentially imprved
4) the stability was improved
5) essential interface changes
6) the new important pen option where add C now it is possible to draw with stitches
7) the spline drawing mode was done (like lines mode)
8) the export of hi-pily objects is done
9) new view modes - without lighting, with faint lighting, wireframe mode
10) the adding of new matherial is now more understandable
11) the fullscreen preview of the material texture is done. Now yo can take portrait and simply put it on mesh.

Update beta 1.1
4.03.07 - Theme: program
The version was updated to Beta 1.1. Some bugs were fixed.

Opening the site
25.02.07 - Theme: site
We are glad to welcome you to our site! This site is devoted to development and using of our new program - 3d-brush. Now we have made beta version. You can download the program and short manual from this site. Yo can tell about the program, about bugs and desirable improvements in forum section.

Advantages of 3D-Brush:

Painting textures and sculpting. It combines painting layered textures and sculpting in one easy to use interface.

3D Layers. Every layer consists of a colour, specular, transparency and displacement channel.

Compatibility. Full compatibility with Light Wave 3D, Modo through .lwo format, with Maya, 3ds Max, Carrara through .fbx (import) and .obj format.

3D mouse support. 3D-Brush supports 3D SpaceNavigator of 3DCONNEXION. Navigation became more handy and intuitive.

Easy to use. With it you can paint a 3D-Model as easy as in a 2D-editor.

Copy/Paste. You can transform parts of the texture, copy/paste, draw with curves, or splines.

Paint tracks and stitches. It has a simple to use method to paint tracks and stitches.

Connection with Adobe Photoshop. It can work in a deep connection with Adobe Photoshop (R) or any 2D-editor that can edit PSD files.


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